Cpt.İbrahim H.Tiryaki

He was born in a fishery village, Ekinlik, in winter of 1927 as eldest son of his family. He is naturaly a seaman due to the traditional life of people lived in Blacksea. He has wide range of experience in shipping field as fishing, dregging, sea master, building up sea ports etc. . .

His chalange always has been that to be mentioned as honest and talent seaman after his work and live.

Sefer Chartering Ltd Co, Mina Madencilik Ltd Co, IBAY Makine Ltd Co are founded with his endeavour.   

He is still actively working as member of bod and building up wooden fish boats in Ekinlik.


Mr. Mustafa Tiryaki

Mr. Mustafa Tiryaki is the elder son of Mr Ibrahim and was born in 1954 in Ekinlik alike his father. He is general manager of our group.

He graduated at Engeenering department of İstanbul Technical University and he has experience onboard of shipsdesign of mechanical engineering and finance ( Modern Economy, Istanbul University). He is also founder of Schaferay Medical and Security Devices Ltd Co and Solarbak Bio Aktive Kollektors Ltd Co.


Mr. Nurettin Tiryaki

Mr Nurettin Tiryaki is brother and assistan of Mr Mustafa Tiryaki. He was also born in Ekinlik in 1963. He graduated at Management, Eskisehir University.

Currently we are running in three different fields Marine and Engineering,

Medical & Security and Ship Building and Engineering Services.